Discover Houston property management that will transform your community.

Our Story

We are tremendously proud of the investment we have made in renovation, improvement, and beautification. We are so happy to have created Home for our residents. And we are also dedicated to investing our time and effort toward improving the communities in which our apartment homes are located.

Why Choose Us

Lamppost currently manages multiple multifamily communities located throughout the Houston area.



Our collection includes thriving properties that bring residents the rewards of high-quality living and expertise management services.



Each of our properties features convenient locations in the heart of it all. With a complete focus on the ever-growing Houston market, Lamppost properties are ideally located and locally oriented.



Our team provides phenomenal resources so that investors can experience ongoing success and the best possible financial ventures.


Wow Factor

Our beautiful apartment communities are conveniently located and well-maintained. Each community has its very own wow factors. Not to mention, you will be even more wowed by our outstanding staff who go the extra mile to make our communities wonderful places to live!



Lamppost Capital Management services focus on our investors, employees, and residents. Here, it all comes together to design properties that reach success. Our services range from a property level to an investment level, and we’re committed to bringing each area of our work the tools and resources necessary.



Our specialties enable us to focus on renovation, improvement, and beautification. With the right strategies for owning and managing properties, we create the ideal communities for our residents. We strive to give people a complete home with the right combination of professional services every day.

Our Mission/Values

Our passion and our commitment are to continually strive for excellence and to exceed expectations.


To Our Residents

We pledge to provide clean housing, the best product at the best price, and a place they can be proud to call Home. Our residents have a choice, and they choose us. We respect that. We will respond to their needs quickly; we will give service with a smile. We will provide an excellent product, excellent service, and excellent value.


To Our Employees

We pledge to provide an environment for personal growth, financial security, and career advancement while fostering a sense of team spirit committed to excellence. We will work to attract to our team others who share our values and our passion.


To Our Investors

We pledge exceptional service and value. We honor and respect the trust they have placed in us and we will strive always to be good stewards of both their investment and their trust. We share their dedication to healthy investing and to improving and serving our communities.


To Our Communities

We pledge to improve and to serve the areas in which our properties are located. We want to be a force for positive change and improvement, beginning with our apartment properties and extending into the surrounding communities.

Our Team

Elizabeth Gray

Founder & Manager

Jeff Gray

Founder & Manager

Laura Lombana

Executive Coordinator